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Thank you for volunteering to be part of the testing team.  Our current program in under the umbrella of the Cortland County Health Department and Dr. Stephen Gomez, M.D.  The listed materials for acceptance in this program are what we will be responsible for as a participant agency.  There are other programs in the community and some of the specifics may vary, however, the items below are approved for the program we are being covered under. Please contact Captain Price if you need assistance accessing any of the training or have any questions about the program.  Thank you again for helping to make this successful.

 All individuals entering the test area to be sampled will wear a cloth or surgical mask.  If they are not they will be asked to leave and directed to their immediate supervisor. Single layer elastic type fabric should be swapped for a surgical mask while in the test area.  These have been shown to aerosolize particles and potentially increase the spread of particles.  CDC Cloth Mask Update

 PPE for those testing will include a water resistant gown, gloves to be changed after each client/sample, goggles and faceshield, N95 mask or SCBA mask with N95 cartridge.

Training Videos for Abbot IDNow

Abbott ID NOW Video Home Page 

Testers for Cortland Fire Department will complete Module 2, Module 3, Module 7 and Module 8.  Abbott Training Sheet must be received and test completed prior to assignment at the test station.

Access Exam on Fyrebox   Enter your name and email then click start.


Important information provided by Abbott Tech Support

ID NOW User Manual

ID NOW Best Practices

Cleaning the Optics

Cleaning the Sample Receiver


Pool Testing Training

Overview of Testing

Role of the Pooler (Mixer)

Self Swab Procedure

Pool Testing FAQ Pages

The SUNY Upstate App

Link to Register for Pool Testing (MUST be done in advance)

An example of a Pooled Testing Program:  The City of Cortland will be testing 25 percent of front facing staff every 2 weeks.  The Pool groups will be no less than 10 and no more than 14.  The groups will be a mix of PD, FD DPW and WWT to aid in not quarantining an entire department for 1 positive in a group.  Any positive test will be reported and a PCR test done on all samples in the group. Any questions can be directed to Captain Price.

Overview of how SUNY Cortland is running their test site



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